A face to the name

Written by Colleen Mulvanity. Posted in Frontpage

Andrew & ColleenHello and welcome to our site!  We are two Northern Virginia-based wine and road trippin' enthusiasts.  The goal is to visit every winery in our beloved home state...all 140 (and counting) of them!


What is Wine Cruisers?  Not a company that offers wine tasting on a ship...although that would be sweet, and I'm sure there's a few out there! It's a concept born from a couple's passion for road trips, good wine, and beautiful scenery to go with said wine.  We're a big fan of epic backdrops...that's Yosemite National Park behind us in the photo.  And you better believe we had some wine with us! I'm Colleen, on the left, and Andrew is on the right.  I work for the federal government (is there any other occupation around here?) and he is a web designer (hence this awesome site layout and stunning photography, if I do say so myself)!

Neither of us are what you would call "wine snobs."  Until fairly recently, anything beyond our local 7-eleven was considered out of our league.  But we always enjoyed a nice glass of vino to slow down the pace of our hectic lives. It wasn't until stumbling upon some local wineries on a few of our random road trips, eventually planning "itineraries" for our friends, that we realized we had a bona fide hobby on our hands.  We loved the way that Virginia's neighborhood vintners took advantage of the natural resources to redefine local agriculture, taking a stab at planting vines in an environment that's not particularly conducive to growing them.  But dang it, it Thomas Jefferson started it, they were gonna finish it!

I always knew that in my lifetime, it would be cool to visit all vineyards in Virginia.  It's feasible, but something that could turn into quite an expedition.  After all, it takes a longer time for us to drive from our urban DC-area metropolis to Virginia Tech than it does to get to New York City.  But the diversity of Virginia's landscapes are just the cure for our need to "reset" and get out of town every once a while.  And since every one of the state's regions has different and exciting vinifera to offer, how can we afford to pass that up?

There's no telling how long it will take to meet our goal, especially since the number of wineries here seems to be growing exponentially.  As a matter of fact, we're currently the 7th largest wine producing state in the Union (http://www.virginiawine.org/learn FTW)! But the everlasting natural beauty and our insatiable thirst for the new, interesting, and beautiful should make this a fun ride.

We are planning on adding our very own map, along with a recap of the places we've been to.  While all of them have something special going on, some are worth more of a drive than others.  We like good wine, which doesn't always mean expensive and posh.  The atmosphere and friendliness of the places we go are just as important. 

Tomorrow we are planning on staying local, with stops in and around Leesburg, VA.  Full debriefing to follow! Until then, feel free to poke around our work in progress. Sláinte! Colleen